What Is The LEDC

London, Ontario is a lively city full of business and living opportunities. It seems to be only growing with each passing year as more people discover the perfect combination between city life and a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you're thinking of leaving your job teaching to open an auto shop in the area or are looking to expand your business into another part of the area the London Economic Development Corporation is here to help you do it. This is a partnership firm between the private sector and the City of London that seeks to help companies grow and bring new investments to the Forest City. Here are some of the areas where they can provide advice or assistance. You should think about stopping by if you're opening a store or want to open a factory.

When you're starting a new business there are so many things to do from building a budget to finding the perfect site for your operations. The LEDC is equipped with all of the information you could need about local real estate and property taxes, business loans and government grants that might apply to your company, and market research for the area, and they can recommend other professional service providers in the area like trademark lawyers or accountants. If you're selling equipment to local farmers or are offering financial advice to area families they can also help you start to network to find customers and build business partnerships.

No one knows everything and when it comes to being the boss there are going to be some times when you could use an outsider's opinion about things. The LEDC offers advice to those looking to expand, those that want help with exporting opportunities and those that need additional funds. A new-to-London retailer, for instance, might want to weigh the options between a downtown location where he or she will be visible to many potential clients or a space in a shared building for less monthly rent. Same applies to any city or town, and for any business. This organization can help present you with all of the right information to make the right decision. The office manager at DentalStudioLondon.com credits the LEDC with helping them build a strong rapport with other local business owners as well as establish a strong network in their industry. If you need a dentist in London, they are accepting new patients by the way!

The LEDC wants to see new businesses opening in the area and is eager to help those who are interested in starting up with a new idea or those that are looking to move their current enterprise to the London area. They can really make it easy and help you build a roadmap that will hopefully spell success in your new location.

One of the ways that they help many of their customers is by creating exposure for that company. This is a great place to start promoting your firm to the right people and before you know it the phone will be ringing and customers will be walking through the door. Continue learning about the LEDC at ledc.com. Best of luck with your business!

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Sunday, June 20, 2021