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There are many reasons a person could have for moving to London, Ontario. Perhaps they're moving to take advantage of a job opportunity or to be closer to friends. However, one of the most popular reasons, especially among the 18-24 year old age group, is to attend the University of Western Ontario. If your RRSP has matured and you want to use the proceeds for your education, the following information should help you decide if the University of Western Ontario would be the right fit for you.

The University of Western Ontario's roots go all the way back to 1863, when Huron College was an Anglican Seminary school. Since then, the University has grown and matured into one of the largest and most respected post secondary institutes in Canada. It is a secular public research university with over 30,000 students in attendance at any given time who will go on to pursue careers as diverse as internet marketing in Toronto and developmental economics in Uganda.

There are over 200 different degree programs offered at the University of Western Ontario that are grouped into twelve faculties. While students from the faculty of health sciences might go on to inspect the operations of a catering company, students at the faculty of music might be providing the entertainment at that very same event! The other faculties with programs at the undergraduate level are arts and humanities, education, engineering, graduate studies, information and media, science, social science, and management.

Those wishing to enter professional fields by joining the ranks of dentists in Mississauga, Ontario or lawyers in Victoria, BC, will need to study at one of the three graduate schools. They are: Western Law School, the Schulick School of Medicine and Dentistry, and the Richard Ivey School of Business. Together they are ranked among the top 3 professional schools in Canada.

If your bent lies more in to the athletic side of things than the scholarly, the University of Western Ontario has 37 sports teams competitive in Canadian Interuniversity Sport leagues. These include football, hockey, tennis, curling, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and cheerleading. And unlike American universities, many of these teams are populated by students who tried out at the college level rather than being recruited directly from high school. The sports teams are referred to as the Mustangs.

Students who don't want to end up doing bathroom renovations because they can't get a job with their qualifications would do well to look into Western. It has ranked #1 on Maclean's Magazine's annual university report care numerous times. The school also receives nearly $200 million per year in research funding from various external sources. Consequently, the University of Western Ontario is one of the hardest schools in Canada to get admitted to.

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