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Are you looking for off-campus housing? Having a checklist to keep track of all of the things that are important to you in terms of housing needs, as well as keeping notes on the details of the rental units you have viewed, is an excellent way to keep everything straight when making this huge and exciting step. Once you have finished your research, you will have a record of the places you saw, and important information on each one.

To start thinking about the type of accommodation that is best for you, ask yourself some key questions about what you require. For instance, what is the range of rent you can afford? Do you want a place that is maintained by the landlord, or are you willing to handle the upkeep or pay for a service company to take care of it for you? This plays a large role in keeping your budget in track without worry. If you are currently living in the ritzy area of Toronto, you may be more selective about your housing demands. Another crucial decision is your location preference- Would you prefer to live close to campus, or in the happening downtown core? Your location may have some bearing on your transportation needs, and this may sway your preference of location. If you have a car, you will need to ensure that your residency has adequate parking- A small complication, perhaps, but one that will help a lot on grocery day and for those trips back home to see your friends and family.

Many of the post secondary institutions in London have a bus pass included in the price of tuition, and the bus service is incredible in this metropolis. Other housing concerns include your preferred move-in date, lease length, and number of roommates. Knowing the people you live with can be a great thing, yet there are incentives to living with strangers that could one day be your best friends, or your teammates in scientific research and experimental development later in life!

Living on a tight budget
Budgeting gives an accurate picture of your current financial position. It will show if money is being spent according (or not) to financial priorities set by you. Your budget will also highlight where changes in spending habits or savings can be made. Budgeting helps make your money go further, and that is an important thing to most students across the country.

The essential purpose of budgeting is to ensure that your basic needs are met, and it can also be used as debt management tool. Sticking to it may help you avoid having to get money for gold jewelry to pay for your tuition! Clearly, a budget can be a very effective stop sign for impulse spending. Budgeting can help prevent you from accumulating debts to the point where repayments become difficult to make. Effective budgeting will help you to live within your means, reduce your anxiety and stress, and permit you to save and spend money on the things you have prioritized, including those fun social activities.

The Social Scene
There are many hot spots around the city that are hugely popular with the student population. Richmond Row is one such area, a section of the main street that is loaded with bars, pubs, nightclubs and late night cafes which draw in the students in the evenings and on weekends. During regular business hours, this strip sees all kinds of customers who flock to the unique shops and restaurants, in spite of the sometimes challenging task of finding parking. These specialty boutiques offer everything from the most exotic fresh flowers to gourmet foods. No matter what your needs or tastes as far as socializing, shopping and entertainment, there are many ways to satisfy these important aspect of student life in this vibrant city.

This is clearly a fantastic city to live in, especially as a student. Whether you become a professor or a lawyer upon graduation, you may not want to leave this amazing city that is the home of your alma mater. In fact, if you ask many laws firms around the greater Toronto area you may find that many of them attended London's very own Western Law.

Some post secondary options in London Ontario
Fanshawe College
University of Western Ontario
Brescia University College
Westervelt College

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