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If for some reason you are being forced to choose between living in Toronto or London and are unsure as to which of the two Ontario cities you would prefer to live in you're going to have to put some time into researching both Toronto and London, as both Toronto and London are great places to live and work in and either one would be an ideal location.

When it comes to deciding on which of the two you should chose one area that will have a great impact on your final decision will be the real estate options each city provides. Both the Toronto and the London markets have a number of attractive real estate properties for sale to choose from but that choice is what can prove to be quite difficult.

What will help you out a lot when trying to choose between the two is to compare the two markets. The best place to start and the area that most home shoppers tend to focus on when comparing real estate markets and properties is price. What would a comparable real estate property in London cost when matched up with a similar real estate property in Toronto? That's the question you need to be asking your self and that's the area where your research needs to be focused on. Luckily for you we can get you started on the right path when it comes to your real estate price comparison research in regards to Toronto and London. Right now, the average home in Toronto goes for more than $501,000. In London, the average sales price for a home is just a shade under $230,000.

That's a pretty big price difference and one that could have a major impact on which city you decide to live in when it's all said and done. Something else you can do is look at specific loft Toronto units or London condos to see how they stack in the real estate market. Right now, the average condo in London is around $158,000 and in Toronto the average condo goes for just over $331,000. Again, the price difference is pretty significant and you can see how price would be big determining factor when choosing between London and Toronto condo listings or London and Toronto house listings.

Now that you have a greater understanding of the real estate prices in both Toronto and London you'll be able to decide if you'd rather focus your home buying search on London or Toronto homes for sale. Whichever city you do decide to live in we wish you luck with your home buying search!

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Sunday, June 20, 2021