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The Grand Theatre was established in 1901 in London, Ontario and at that time was known as the New Grand Opera House. When the theatre opened it was host to melodramas and Operas, which played to packed houses of elegantly dressed men and women. These patrons could not have known that they were the beginning of a century long tradition of excellence in theatre in London.

Over the years, the Grand Theatre has been transformed into a Famous Players movie house, and in 1945 it became the home of the successful London Little Theatre, one of the most active and accomplished amateur theatrical companies. The theatre began to show its age after decades of use, and in 1977 the theatre underwent mass renovations to the tune of five million dollars. These reconstructions and updates were so successful that the team in charge was awarded the Governer-General's award for their new design of the proscenium arch theatre. This design was created to send the music and sound of the production out into the audience, and the result is clear perfect sound no matter where your seat is located. So the patrons in the last row get the same quality of show as those in the first row. The audience members at the Grand Theatre are treated royally, no matter what the price on their ticket stub reads.

When the newly renovated theatre reopened in 1978, it instantly had a status as one of the most beautiful theatres across the nation. Today, the Grand is known as "the artistic heart of London," and the productions seen at the Grand are as diverse as the building's history. Another round of renovations were completed in 2008, offering patrons the utmost in luxury with respect to their theatrical experience. With a playbill featuring everything from Shakespearean drama to contemporary dance, the Grand Theatre offers its patrons a broad diversity of entertainment. The current theatrical season demonstrates this point, from a production of The Drawer Boy to Cynthia Dale in Concert, even the most discerning theatre goers are sure to find something to match their tastes.

With an accessible and user-friendly online site, and a box office staff that is highly organized and informed, anyone desiring to see a show at the Grand need not hire an event planner. Toronto based theatre, like the Ed Mirvish theatre and venues have a rival in The Grand Theatre, as the quality of performances clearly demonstrate. The theatre community in London is just as professional and talented as those in bigger metropolis centers, such as Toronto or Vancouver. The thespians gracing the stage of the Grand Theatre could make a play about factory workers or housewives a fascinating journey! The organizers at the Grand Theatre are committed to excellence in drama, and welcome artists from every corner of the globe to their beautiful and historical theatre.

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