Thinking about living in or visiting the city of London, Ontario? Maybe you're living in Middlesex and want to be closer to work, or are relocating from the USA. Well, this is the right site for you. Basically we are dedicated to all things London and want anyone curious about the city to be able to find anything they need here.

In this section of the site, we take a look at some of the facts about the city of London that may prove useful for those considering this great city as their next home. Here are a few of the areas you can expect us to explore.

    History: As is the case with any Canadian city or town, London is rife with history. We will take a look at areas, including the location of the city before settlement (how it looked, who lived there, what kind of natural appearance there was), earliest settlement, major figures in the development of the city, modern history, and so on. You can expect to see a few articles on important historical buildings and sites in the city, as well as the different initiatives that have shaped the way London looks today.

    Demographics: Maybe we should have put this category before history in our overview, because for some people it is people who count first. Demographics are all about the population numbers and are often used to determine what kind of amenities, business opportunities, and social concerns are of note in a certain area. Believe us when we say that London has a population that offers demographic studies to spare! The numbers can really be helpful when it comes to determining where you should live or visit in the city of London. If you're moving from Toronto you may be surprised at how many of the same amenities you'll find in London.

    Government: Nothing will impact owners of London Ontario new homes or a visitor quite like government! The invisible machine is always running in London, determining what can or can't be done and where those activities can take place.

    Environment: Anyone about to visit or look at real estate in a new location is interested in the weather the region can expect at certain times of year. There are geographical factors that influence weather patterns of London that will be of interest to a lot of people. This category also covers the steps that the city has taken to become a greener place, both literally and in the sense of the global movement.

London is a fun place to live, and we try to reflect that on the site. You get all of the excitement you would in a large urban core but still there is a country feel to the city. Facts are only boring when they are presented as dry figures. Everyone perusing these articles about London facts will find something to interest them written in a framework that puts it all into perspective!

A couple information websites for you to begin your research:
City of London at London.ca
Tourism London at LondonTourism.ca

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