Eleventh Best City In Canada

Canadian cities are known around the world for their multicultural spirit and vast green spaces. People are relocating Vancouver to Halifax to take advantage of what Canada has to offer. London is one of those cities, and recently it has been named the eleventh best city in Canada. There are many ways to see why this honor has been bestowed upon the Forest City, what with the booming industry and business opportunities that exist in this city. Ranking, London almost returned to MoneySense magazine's Top 10 list of the best places to live in Canada. But certainly, Londoners will take 11th (out of 154) without complaint.

London was settled by Europeans beginning in 1801 and grew into a village in 1826. Today, London is the largest Southwestern Ontario municipality, offering its citizens an incredibly high quality of life and standard of living. Over the centuries the city has developed a strong reputation for, and focus towards, education, healthcare, tourism, the arts and manufacturing. Whether you run a real estate web site company or specialize in home healthcare, there is clearly a niche for you as well as a market for your services in this opportunity filled city.

Discover London's unsurpassed beauty - a city where you'll find miles of beautiful pathways and acres of rolling parkland. In a single visit to this amazing city, you'll come to know the warm hospitality and friendly neighbourhoods as you explore the collection of unique shops, fine restaurants, intimate cafes and bistros that this city has to offer. Highlights from a typical monthly events calendar include unique festivals, many attractions and spectacular events from theatre to sporting events and everything in between. London is certainly a city that loves to laugh and live. From the amazing kite flying in the summer to the fabulous snowmobiling in the winter, the London area is full of exciting experiences.

There is much in London to entice residents and visitors alike. You can venture into London's past, which has seen the emergence of such things as big band legends and the discovery of insulin. To satisfy your artistic interests there is The Grand Theatre, Orchestra London, the London Regional Art and Historic Museums, plus a raft of special events focused on the visual and performing arts. Western University also features many incredible student productions, ranging from dramatic to musical theatre and opera. There are options for every taste and budget!

Beautiful parks and pathways and great sports facilities exist aplenty in the Forest City. Family entertainment takes many forms from the lively new Covent Garden Market in the heart of the downtown to the ever-popular Storybook Gardens in Springbank Park. If you have been thinking about relocating to London, nothing compares to the charm and character of some of the centuries-old homes in the old south area of the city, or Wortley Village, with its amazing shops and sights.

You may be curious as to which city made it to the top of MoneySense's list, with so many cities that feature great hotspots, amazing landscapes and spectacular events where people fill all of the balconies and decks. Vancouver, British Columbia would be a good guess, yet this city came in 5th place. Victoria, British Columbia took the cake as Canada's best city to live in, followed by Ottawa, Kingston and Burlington. But if you're looking for a place to retire or are starting a family, London Ontario should definitely be on the short list.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021