Eldon House

Built on September 9th, 1834, this beautiful heritage home is one of the oldest still standing in Canada. The original owners were Captain John Harris, a British naval Captain, his wife Amelia Harris and their eight children.

Since being donated to the city as a museum in the 1960s, countless visitors have been witness to the splendor that lies within. The house remains decorated the way it would have been in the Victorian era, and the home is filled with priceless antiques and artwork. Although today it is a site for tours and visitors to take a look into the past, the home has been modernized for the purposes of business, and includes such non-Victorian amenities such as flush toilets, electricity and even global internet access. This provincial historic site is a popular destination for Ontario travelers, and is often the topic of many blogs.

Although the house is now surrounded by the city, its gardens and surrounding area have been preserved and planted to resemble the type of garden that Mrs. Harris would have been proud of. The task of updating the house and gardens has been a delicate task that has involved countless hours of labour. Yet thanks to the modern invention of project management, many skilled individuals were able to contribute from all around the globe. The result is a breathtaking home with its original family furnishings and treasures, and it truly gives one the impression that they are stepping back in time and witnessing life as it would have been over a century and a half ago.

The year 2009 marked the 175th birthday of Eldon House, and the museum staff had many exciting events planned to celebrate the monumental year. Some of the events were: the traditional Canada Day Dinner at Eldon House, including tours and birthday celebrations of the house (with birthday cake and even presents!), the traditional summer teas at Eldon House featured a special birthday dessert to mark the occasion. Also, a special commemorative bookmark was handed out to all Eldon House visitors from May through December. It was a great celebration!

These special birthday events are in addition to the tours held year round Wednesdays to Sundays, from noon to five p.m.. Admission rates are very reasonable, adults $5, seniors $4, children 16 and under $1, and the rate for families is only $10. If these prices are too high for your budget, or you would like to contribute more funds to the museum, admission is by donation Wednesdays and Sundays.

There are many great internet sites detailing all the information about Eldon House, its history and changes over the years, and it is easy to find out their phone numbers and view their business cards online. Many different people from all walks of life have enjoyed viewing this historical home over the years, from farmers to antique hunters, to entrepreneurs who run their own online printing service! All are welcome at Eldon House. Look for hours of operation and special events at Eldonhouse.ca.

Image of Eldon House

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