Attractions are, of course, what a city has to offer that tends to intrigue people enough to take part. The attractions offered by London fall into many different categories, as you might expect in a city of this size. Generally, this will mean that there is something to make you pull out your smartphone and text your friends about.

On this site, we will be taking a look at a wide assortment of London attractions. Because many people are interested in different things, not every London attraction will appeal to you. On the other hand, there are some London attractions that seem to have a draw that defies demographics and even preferences, and remain successful year after year. Here is a quick look at some of the types of London attractions you might find written about in this section.

    Events: Generally, events are infrequent occurrences set up to draw in people. They may include film festivals, annual parades, concerts, plays, fairs, and so on. They may be either performance or interaction based, and London is home to plenty of this type of attraction each year. There's lots of family friendly events, as well as those where it will be adults only.

    Locations: Location attractions can be found in the same spot year long, every year. Generally, locations tend to attract a certain type of people; in fact, that demographic will be the target market of any location's marketing techniques. Some, such as museums, will appeal to a narrower audience while others (coliseums and so on) can be used for a variety of purposes and are thus appealing to several different demographics. This section also includes shopping locations, because for some, traveling is about the souvenirs. Find out exactly where to get a new luxury handbag or home decor.

    Sports: It is true that sometimes you will find an overlap in sports and events; many of the final tournaments in the sports world are infrequent affairs (once a year) that tend to draw out more people. However, organized sports almost always have a draw factor year round, so that sets them apart from other sorts of attractions. The main draw, of course, is to cheer on one side and/or to see the skill on display.

    Recreation: Most residents and visitors will think of recreational opportunities as one of the main, steady attractions of the London area all year long. Recreational attractions are generally those in which the person can directly participate; hiking, cycling, snowmobiling, sports leagues, and so on. There is a wide variety of this type of attraction for the London visitor or those owning homes in London through both government programs and through private initiative.

One of the great things about attractions in London, or anywhere else, is that they come with their own stories to tell. Reading about a specific attraction does not mean just knowing where it will take place or when, but who that attraction appeals to and its development over time. If you're visiting from out of town your tastes might be different from someone studying in London from overseas.

Those categories and those factors are what we will be including in this section, dedicated to the many attractions that will interest both visitors and residents of the city of London. Being that this city is so large and maintains a vibrant outlook, you can expect to find a wide variety of attractions that will be of interest to you on these pages.

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